About Us

AHP Mortgage Direct finances the most affordable homes in America.

AHP traces its roots back to 2008, when American Homeowner Preservation launched as a 501(c)3 nonprofit to help families at risk of foreclosure stay in their homes.

In 2010, in response to the Great Recession, the Federal Government created Dodd-Frank. This consumer protection legislation mandated caps on fees lenders could charge to originate loans of $50,000 and less. In response, instead of figuring out how to efficiently originate these modest-sized mortgages, most lenders set minimum mortgage amounts of $50,000, effectively refusing to originate loans in America’s most affordable communities.

“Thanks to Dodd-Frank,” a 2014 report by the financial services committee of the US House of Representatives stated, “it is now harder for low- and moderate-income Americans to buy a home.”

In 2020, AHP Mortgage Direct was established to fill this void by injecting mortgage capital into America’s most affordable neighborhoods. By utilizing industry-leading technology, AHP efficiently originates mortgages as small as $5,000 – by far the lowest minimum mortgage amount of any national lender in the country.

Led by industry veterans Jorge Newbery, CEO, and Robert Camerota, President, AHP Mortgage Direct serves the nation from its headquarters in Brea, California.

AHP Mortgage Direct helps borrowers of all loan sizes achieve and preserve homeownership with honest, transparent and effective mortgages. We look forward to helping you.

AHP Mortgage Direct
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